These Swedish-made fire extinguishers are designed to be easy to use, compact and more portable than the conventional “big red bottle” fire extinguishers. Non-toxic aerosol potassium puts fires out faster with no mess. The MAUS “Fire STIXX” are stickers that can be used to protect computer servers, electrical panels, industrial engine compartments, boats, chimney chases and more. They spray fire retardant when in contact with flame. These are especially valuable in heavy equipment engine compartments where hydraulic fluid fires are common. The fire blankets can be used in standard residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Selecting the best fire safety products for the North

Not only do we select the best products, we also work with some of the manufacturers to develop the technology and test the products. We believe that northerners should have access to cutting edge proven fire protection given the nature of frequent boreal forest fires and the prevalence of wood stoves for heating.

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