About Fire North Inc.

Fire North is a Yukon and Mackenzie Delta distributor for advanced and innovative fire safety equipment and supplies. These include professional wildfire fighting equipment, industrial fire suppression and fire safety products for homes and businesses.

Fire North seeks out new and effective fire safety products and develops relationships with their manufacturers. We want to make sure that they are safe, effective and offer real benefits. Our sister company, Kryotek Arctic Innovation Inc, is a Yukon technology developer that works with several of these companies to improve their products and bring new concepts to market.

We are a distributor for automated fire suppression systems made by WASP Wildfire and Guardian Fire Shield. We sell directly through our online store and through local retailers and installers.

On a personal note, both owners of Fire North have lost family homes to fire and feel strongly that nobody should have to experience this trauma when the technology exists to reduce the risk.


Fire North was started in 2020 when we realized that many new fire protection technologies were entering the market. At the same time Kryotek, our technology development company, was working on wildfire sensor projects.

In early 2021 several Yukon homes and businesses burned to the ground, some in communities without fire protection services, and some in urban areas where help couldn’t arrive fast enough.

We knew that there are automatic fire protection products available and were determined to bring them to the people of the north who need them. We sought out “Yukon-proof” systems that work in our harsh and remote conditions.

We want to help northerners protect their homes, businesses and families with the latest fire protection technology.


If you are a manufacturer or supplier of fire safety products and are interested in having Fire North as your Northern distributor contact us.


Fire North is actively developing relationships with Yukon and Mackenzie Delta retailers. If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact us.

Need an Installation?

We have a list of certified installers to support your Guardian Fire Shield and WASP roof-mount sprinkler installation needs. Contact us and we will have an installer get back to you.