Supplying advanced fire safety products to the Yukon and Mackenzie Delta.

Image of Guardian Fire Shield

Guardian Fire Shield

Automated indoor ceiling-mounted fire extinguishers.

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Image of MAUS Fire


Swedish-made, easy use fire extinguishers, fire blankets, automated fire systems, and more.

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Image of WASP Sprinklers

WASP Sprinklers

Gutter or fence mount wildfire sprinklers to protect your home and property.

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Image of WASP Trailers

WASP Trailers

Everything needed to defend a community or industrial site from wildfire in a certified Type 2 structure protection unit.

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Image of WATERAX


Professional grade firefighting pumps, hose, sprinklers and accessories.

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Selecting the best fire safety products for the North

Not only do we select the best products, we also work with some of the manufacturers to develop the technology and test the products. We believe that northerners should have access to cutting edge proven fire protection given the nature of frequent boreal forest fires and the prevalence of wood stoves for heating.

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